Map Making at Urdu Park


Since the time I have been interacting with the women in Urdu Park, I always have felt that how to engage with these women in an activity which would help them to express their own self and their environment, while chatting with them in a casual way.
At the Urdu Park, women find
it difficult to express their everyday experiences without any formal training like writing and verbal language is also in some cases quite inadequate, I thought that expressing through drawing would be the best way to engage the women to share their thoughts.
A group of eight women participated in the session and they were asked to draw maps with crayons about the daily mobility. The concept of map for mobility is to explore the spaces beyond Urdu Park and who they are connected in their daily life and what kind of relation they have got with the spaces and people. I am sharing an example of such maps:

Rehana (55 age) explained her map of a day that she goes out in the morning at 8am to cycle market to meet a police man who provides puri chole to the homeless people. She has a very good relation with the police man and every time she goes he treats her with respec.t addressing her as Mataji. This makes Rehana very happy and proud. Then she walks up to Gurdwara where a lady serves her coffee. Often this young lady is very strict if somebody wants to carry any food or coffee outside of Gurdwara. She also does not allow Rehana to get coffee outside, however an old Sardarji helps her everyday to carry the coffee glass out to the shelter. After that she stays in the shelter to rest. 

map02 map01