First Meeting at Urdu Park


I have been visiting Urdu Park twice a week for last three weeks in March. More I am interacting with the women, I am becoming curious about the space and I am surprised to learn that how they are struggling to survive with very little hope in their life. It seems to me very challenging.

In the first session we all have decided that Mondays and Wednesdays should be the right days to meet in a group, as other days they remain busy with their begging, prayer and etc.

After the first visit and interaction, more or less the ladies in the Urdu Park have recognised me by my face. So in the second visit on Monday the ladies again gathered in a group to have a chitchat. However I have found that very few from earlier group were present and more new people wanted to join the group. So I told them that, they need to be regular and consistent during these two days in the week.

This time I asked the new faces to introduce themselves and I again explained to them about the purpose of my visit in the shelter. Then they asked for some job to do. So I said how they could contribute in making this place as their own place. I wanted them to talk about their skills. So two of them Gularun and Binu talked about how they can do kadai (embroidery) work and stitch work, Shahzadee could read and write, Salma could perfrom any work in the field, like brooming, cleaning, cooking. Two of them say that they could cook while Rabina said that she is good in looking after children. Salma is old but she also said that she could do any tough job. 20150316_151601